How To Cut Calories And Fat When Ordering Pizza

Posted on: 11 May 2015


It's possible to go out and enjoy a slice or two of pizza now and again without blowing your diet. The trick is making the right choices when you place your order. From the crust to that last piece of pepperoni, these methods will ensure you can have your pizza and eat it, too.

From the Crust Up

The crust is where the bulk of the problematic carbs, sugars, and calories are. It's also where it's hardest to cut calories. The best thing you can do it to order a thin crust and to limit your intake to just a slice or two. Ordering a salad as an appetizer can help fill you up, so you can savor a slice of pizza without craving more.

Get Saucy

Regular red sauce is usually your least concern. The problem is some of the gourmet sauces offered at restaurants. Skip the white sauces, along with garlic butter and other choices.

(Don't) Say Cheese

Cheese can be the enemy if you're counting calories or fat grams, or if you are trying to reduce or cut out dairy in general. The easiest way to simply cut the calories and fat is to order the pizza with just half the cheese. This will have a minimal impact on taste while providing major caloric savings.

If your goal is to cut out the cheese altogether, why not try a no cheese pizza? Some pizza restaurants, especially those that have a menu catering to vegans, may also offer nutritional yeast as a topping. This yeast has a distinct cheesy flavor, although it won't have the melting texture.

Eat Your Veggies

Veggies are the no-guilt toppings, so load up. Choosing primarily vegetable toppings will give you the enjoyment of a fully loaded pizza without the extra fat and calories. As an added benefit, the more healthy toppings, the fewer slices it will take to fill you up.

Nice to Meat You

Meat isn't a no-no on most healthy eating plans, but you do want to choose the healthier meats. Most pizza places now offer chicken on the menu. This is generally white meat and it isn't fried in oil, so it provides the lowest fat choice. Ham is the second best choice.

Generally, bacon, sausage, and ground beef are going to add the most fat to your pizza. If you must have these, try ordering your pizza with just half the amount of these calorie-laden toppings. Also, blot the slice with a napkin to absorb some of the fat and grease before digging in.