Four Catering Mistakes To Avoid At Your Wedding Reception

Posted on: 15 June 2017


Even though guests should not be coming to your wedding solely for the food, the truth is that food is one of the primary attractions at wedding receptions. A good meal can mean the difference between a so-so reception and one that your guests talk about for years. To ensure the food-related portion of your reception goes as well as possible, make sure you avoid these catering mistakes.

Mistake #1: Having a friend or family member cater the wedding.

No matter how confidently your aunt or uncle assures you that they can handle preparing the food, you're best off hiring a professional catering agency to cook for your wedding. Catering such a large event does not just require good cooking skills; it requires specialized equipment like large pots and pans, a staff of kitchen helpers and servers, and the experience to make last-minute decisions wisely.

Mistake #2: Not tasting dishes before the wedding.

Most catering companies offer tasting sessions during which they will prepare several dishes you're considering serving and then allow you to try them. Even though you are very busy with wedding planning, this is a step you won't want to skip. You want to know that the dishes your guests are being served are appealing. You also want to ensure that you and your spouse-to-be truly love the dishes at your wedding. Don't choose dishes that you don't enjoy!

Mistake #3: Failing to accommodate various food preferences.

You don't have to plan your menu with every last person's little preferences in mind. For instance, if your Aunt Rachel isn't eating orange veggies right now, that does not mean you have to ask to have carrots left off of everyone's salad. But do choose a few dishes that accommodate more common dietary restrictions. For example, you may want to choose one vegetarian option for guests who do not eat meat and one gluten-free option for guests who cannot eat gluten. 

Mistake #4: Serving too many sit-down courses.

Having a sit-down meal at a wedding is often seen as traditional. You can, of course, serve the entire meal buffet-style if you prefer. But even if you choose to serve the main courses (salad, entree) as a sit-down meal, you should strongly consider passing the appetizers and serving the dessert as a buffet setup. This way, guests won't be stuck in their seats all night while they wait for course after course. They can get up and mingle when appetizers are being passed and when dessert is being served, which leads to more cheer and interaction.