Camping Trips: Methods For Making Fast Food Taste Fresh & Delicious

Posted on: 9 August 2017


When you're going camping, you're giving up a lot of the modern conveniences of home. One of the biggest things from the kitchen you're missing out on are small appliances used for everyday cooking. This includes the microwave, toaster, and toaster oven. Without these appliances, it can be hard to serve up fresh meals while enjoying the outdoors.

Sometimes you just want to relax and the best fast food can provide a nice treat or meal without making you cook or do extra. If you do plan on getting a little fast food while camping, there's no need to scarf down a cold burger or soggy fries. Even without your trusty appliances, you will still have the ability to reheat fast food and make it seem like you just went to the drive-through.

Ordering Tips

The way you order your fast food burgers can make a huge difference on how it is enjoyed at the campsite. Mainly, you want to keep as much moisture out of the burger as possible. This means that all of the condiments should be ordered on the side. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and any type of special sauce should be ordered as separate little packets rather than placed directly on the burger. This will help prevent the bun from becoming too moist and makes it a lot easier to heat up at a later point. It's also good to have multiple bags or a cooler handy. This allows you to separate the items without them being too squished or flattened inside of the bag that is given to you.

Flame-Cooked Burger

The best way to reheat your burger is to put it right on the flame for a minute or so. If the burger has cheese on it, then the cheese is likely stuck to the top bun. If this is the case, then you can set the bottom bun aside and grill it over the fire with the top bun still attached. If the burger has no cheese stuck to the buns, then it's better to heat up just the meat patty. A small grill top or pan can be placed over the open fire so that the burger has an easy spot to rest upon. Once the flames have heated it up for around a minute, you will be able to rebuild the burger, add fresh condiments, and enjoy it like you just ordered it from the burger joint.

Aluminum Foil Pouch

One of the trickiest things to reheat from a fast food restaurant are the French fries. Fries can become soggy, stiff, and lose their fresh flavor very quickly. After ordering the fries, they should be kept covered for as long as possible to keep them fresh. Once you are ready to eat, you can take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it up so that it creates a pouch. Once the pouch is created, you can add in the fries and close up the pouch. Ensure that the fries are well spread out. You may need multiple pouches depending on how many fries you have ordered. Then the pouch can be added directly to the heat of a campfire. Cook for 5 to 10 minutes to achieve ideal results.

Nuggets On a Stick

Another popular fast food option to order are chicken nuggets. They taste great, are easy to pass around, and make a great finger food for camping. If you want some extra crispiness and heat to your nuggets, then it's a good idea to roast them exactly like you would with a marshmallow. Add the nugget to the end of the campfire stick and hold it over the flame for a few minutes. Then you can enjoy the freshness and flavor that comes from eating the delicious treat. If your stick is big enough, you can roast two or three nuggets at a time. Just make sure it doesn't weigh too much.

Once you've mastered these cooking methods, you can make fast food meals a regular part of your camping adventures.