Five Tips For Eating Out With Young Children

Posted on: 11 October 2017


When you have kids, you may be left feeling like you'll never get to eat out again. The idea of minding your kids while also ordering and enjoying food may seem overwhelming. But if you choose a family-friendly restaurant and follow the tips below, both you and your children can enjoy a nice restaurant meal with less hassle. 

#1: Bring a well-rested child.

If your child is like most, they behave so much better when they are well-rested. So, make sure they take a nap or at least get a good night's sleep before you take them out to the restaurant. If your child typically naps in the morning, it may be best to go out for lunch rather than for dinner, since dinnertime will be getting close to their bedtime. 

#2: Bring a helpful friend. 

Dining out with two adults and one child is so much easier than being the sole adult while dining with your child. If your child's other parent is not around to come to dinner, invite one of your friends -- preferably someone who knows your child and does not mind helping with their care. Being able to leave your child a the table if you need to get up to use the bathroom will make the dining experience more enjoyable.

#3: Order something you know they'll like.

Dining out with a child is difficult enough without also having to deal with them crying because you're trying to make them try a new food. Stick to the kids' menu, and order them something you know they will like. You might enjoy trying new and adventurous things when at a restaurant, but your child will probably not feel the same way.

#4: Bring supplies to entertain them.

Many kid-friendly restaurants supply crayons and place mats for coloring, but some kids are better behaved when playing with their own toys. Bring some small things like a deck of colorful cards, a little doll or action figure, or a Hot Wheels car. Pull them out if your child is getting antsy.

#5:  Check the menu before you go.

Having to peruse the menu and decide what to order can be tough when you have an ornery child in tow. Browse the menu online beforehand so you don't have to look at a menu. This way, you can also place your order as soon as you sit down, which will expedite the dining process.