Are You Entertaining Out-Of-Town Guests?

Posted on: 23 July 2018


Are you entertaining family members or friends from out-of-town? If so, you are more than likely already planning things you will do to entertain them. If your plans include showing them your town and going to your favorite places to eat, from starting with drinks and appetizers to ending with dessert at your home, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun time that your guests will never forget.

Start With Appetizers - If you live in a place that has a great waterfront, you more than likely want to show it off, right? Maybe your waterfront is known for great shopping, great bars and wonderful restaurants. Give your friends a taste of many of the things your waterfront has to offer. For example, start early so that your friends can go into some of the gift shops, maybe with the idea of buying souvenirs. Next, think of going to a waterfront bar where you can have drinks and a light appetizer, maybe margaritas or beer that is brewed right in your own city along with chips and queso or Spanish tapas. Add to the fun by selecting a waterfront bar that offers live music.

Head To A Restaurant - After drinks and an appetizer, think about heading to a south waterfront restaurant, maybe a seafood restaurant or one where you can order great Mexican food or Italian food. If you want a more diverse menu, go to a restaurant that includes everything from hamburgers to steak and lobster. Besides having a wonderful meal at the restaurant, being on the waterfront will simply add to the atmosphere. If your group is large, think of making reservations ahead of time. Be very specific about the time you'll arrive and about how many are in your group.

End At Your House -  Think of inviting everybody to your house for dessert. By doing so, you can continue visiting in a quieter atmosphere. Consider setting up an ice cream bar that includes traditional toppings like chocolate and caramel syrups, but add interest to the dessert by offering things like Mexican cajeta, the rich and sweet caramel-like syrup. Rather than just having chopped pecans and almonds, consider also serving macadamia nuts and pistachio nuts. By setting up an ice cream bar, some of your guests may choose to simply have a bowl of ice cream while others may decide to prepare a decadent dessert.