When Possible, Sit Outdoors For Your Seafood Restaurant Lunch

Posted on: 12 July 2019


When you choose to visit a local seafood restaurant for lunch — either with your family on the weekend or with a colleague or two during the workweek — the food is often your primary focus. While you'll be keen on perusing the menu and deciding what you'll eat, don't forget to think about where you want to sit, too. If you're lucky enough to be visiting a seafood restaurant in a coastal location, it may be located right on the water and have outdoor seating available for patrons. Here are three reasons that it's ideal to sit outdoors if the opportunity exists.

The Sights

Your lunch might be your focal point, but the sights around you can also help to enrich your dining experience when you sit outdoors. Depending on its position, there might be lots to see when you sit outside. For example, you might see the ocean and a beach, which are two things that will add a natural beauty to your dining experience. In some locations, seafood restaurants are located near busy fishing ports. This means that you can watch fishing boats coming and going while you wait for your food to arrive.

The Smells

While the arrival of your seafood lunch will fill your nostrils, sitting outside also gives you some other smells that can make your dining experience memorable. When the restaurant is near the ocean, you'll get to enjoy the satisfying smell of saltwater in the air. Depending on how the restaurant cooks its food, you might have other smells to enjoy. For example, if the restaurant specializes in seafood boils and has a wood-burning fire pit outdoors, you'll get to enjoy the smell of the wood burning and the smell of the seafood in the pot.

The Sounds

There's little doubt that the sounds outside of a seafood restaurant can also positively contribute to your lunchtime experience when you choose an eatery that is close to the ocean. The sounds of the waves hitting the shore will provide a pleasant soundtrack to your lunch, but there are other things that you'll sporadically hear, too. You might hear seabirds calling from time to time, for example. You might also hear fishing boats blowing their horns as they approach the docks, as well as the shouts of fishing professionals as they unload their catches. Each of these outdoor elements can help to make your seafood lunch memorable.