5 Amazing Italian Appetizers For Your Wedding Rehearsal Meal

Posted on: 12 November 2019


A wedding rehearsal dinner in a private Italian restaurant following your wedding rehearsal is a perfect time to relax and enjoy the company of your family members and close friends in an informal setting. Rehearsal meals are meant to help lighten the mood after the rigors of structured formalities and perfect social behavior. These meal events also join wedding members in a way only good food and drink can.

When it's time to place orders for appetizers that accompany drinks, consider a few of these Italian appetizers for your wedding party to enjoy.

Antipasto. A true beginning to an Italian meal, antipasto is the traditional opening course in a formal Italian meal. Antipasto consists of an arrangement of mushrooms, olives, cured or pickled meats, and cheeses like provolone or mozzarella.

Bruschetta. Crispy slices of bruschetta can be served topped with only salt, pepper, and olive oil. Many chefs like to regionalize this dish and add ingredients from different parts of Italy, like cubed tomato, basil, onion, mozzarella cheese, or a special type of salami called ventricina.

Foccacia. Not quite a pizza, a focaccia is recognizable by its thin crust. This flatbread appetizer is baked in an oven after various ingredients are worked into or placed on top of the dough. Popular focaccias are flavored with rosemary, sage, garlic, and even cheese. Unlike pizza, focaccia is considered a snack or side dish rather than an entrée.

Clams Posillipo. If appetizers feel weighed down with heavy bread or pasta, try a lighter choice like clams posillipo. Clams may be substituted with fish, but the light sauce redolent of tomatoes, wine, basil, and garlic is still a delicious accompaniment.

Tortellini Bites. Fresh cheese tortellini is first dredged in egg, shredded parmesan cheese, and bread crumbs, and then fried to crispy brown perfection. Tortellini bites are then topped with a sprinkle of more parmesan cheese and parsley.

These enticing and classic Italian appetizers will please your wedding party guests because many of them resemble hearty comfort foods people associate with home, family, and good times. Italian appetizers at private Italian restaurants appeal to any children present at your wedding party too. Most of them are easy for children to manage because they are hand-held. Many of these appetizers are easy to pass around the table in a family-style restaurant setting so guests can help themselves.

Visit a local private Italian restaurant that offers a range of these and other unique Italian appetizers for your wedding party.