Unique Ways You Can Allow Customers To Customize Their Pizza

Posted on: 24 March 2020


One of the great things about pizza is that it allows for so many options. You can top it with pepperoni and cheese, or with pineapple and ham. The possibilities are endless. However, if you really want to impress your customers, you should allow them to have customized pizzas in more ways than simply choosing their toppings. Here are a few other ideas to make use of.

1. Customize the thickness of the crust.

People often choose their favorite pizzeria based on the crust that pizzeria uses. Some prefer thin crust, so they frequent a pizzeria that makes a thinner crust. Others prefer to go to places where the crust is thick. Imagine if you were to let your customers choose their crust thickness; everyone would be happy! You can offer thin, regular, and thick crust, or you could break it down even further into five different thickness options.

2. Customize the sauce.

Red sauce is standard, but why play by the rules? You can let customers choose from a range of sauces. Include a couple of different red sauces in your options — maybe a sweet one, an herbed one, and a spicy one. Also, offer barbecue sauce and ranch dressing as options.

3. Customize the crust topping.

A lot of people leave the crust behind when eating pizza because they find it boring. It does not have to be! Give your customers the option of having their crust brushed or topped with various ingredients. Options you can offer include garlic butter, herb butter, Parmesan cheese, and pesto.

4. Customize the shape. 

You might have to charge a little extra for this one because it might take your pizza makers a little time to shape crusts creatively. However, if they can manage to make a couple of different shapes, such as a heart and a long rectangle, people will be delighted. Just make sure you stock up on large boxes so you can accommodate the more unique shapes.

5. Customize the cheese.

Instead of just using a "house blend" of cheese on every pizza, let customers choose their cheese, too. Mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar are popular options, but you can also offer some more unique choices like feta and pepper jack.

With the ideas above, you can essentially make your pizzas fully customizable. Your customers are going to love having so much control over their food, and you'll love the business this brings you.