Ordering Delivery Pizza Without Breaking The Bank

Posted on: 10 September 2020


Pizza is usually seen as a relatively inexpensive but easy, simple, and filling food. It's definitely delicious, which also helps. But when you decide to have pizza delivered, the cost can climb higher than you expect. By the time you tack on delivery charges and a tip for the driver, it's easy for your $15 pizza to suddenly cost you $25 or more! There are ways to keep your delivery pizza affordable, however. You just have to get a little creative and utilize the tips below.

1. Cut back on the toppings.

You'll be surprised how much of the cost of the pizza comes from the toppings and not the pie itself. For instance, you might get a medium cheese pizza for $13, but each topping costs an extra $2. Add peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and suddenly you have a $19 pizza. If you're on a tight budget, sticking to just the cheese can help you cut costs. Cheese pizza is not quite as glamorous, but actually, when you buy it from a good pizza shop, it can be incredibly enjoyable as you really notice the flavors of the sauce, cheese, and crust separately.

2. Look for a place that is close.

Many restaurants that offer pizza delivery create zones for their delivery. Homes within a certain radius are charged a certain delivery fee. Homes further away are charger a little more, and homes even further than that are charged an even higher fee. You can save a few dollars on delivery simply by ordering from a restaurant that is closer to you. If you look at a map and there's a pizza restaurant 2 miles away and one 6 miles away, you can be almost certain the closer one will charge you less. 

3. Say "no" to the extras.

Sometimes it's not the pizza itself that is costly, but all the extras the restaurant offers to add for an extra dollar or two. For instance, maybe they offer to throw in breadsticks for an extra $4, and you add those to your cart. It doesn't sound like a lot at the time, but it does drive your bill up, so get into the habit of turning these offers down if you're trying to save

It is completely possible to order and enjoy delivery pizza without breaking the bank. Follow the tips above and also keep an eye out for good coupons.