Ways To Bring More Business Into Your Waterfront Seafood Restaurant

Posted on: 25 March 2022


If you have a restaurant on the water, then building your menu around seafood simply makes sense. Customers tend to love a waterfront seafood restaurant. But sometimes, the food alone may not be quite enough to bring a steady stream of customers through your doors. Here are some changes you may want to make in order to attract more business.

Open Up To The Beach

If your restaurant is not already accessible from the beach, it's time to make a change. Put a gate on your patio so customers can walk straight in from the beach. Or, add a back door to your establishment. Do whatever you need to do to ensure that people walking down the beach can walk straight on into your restaurant. If they can't walk right into your place from the beach, they'll often choose another restaurant that is set up this way.

Offer Live Music

There's just something about listening to live music in a beachy setting while eating shrimp. It's such a great vibe! Find some local musicians who you can have perform on the weekends. If they're able to play relaxing, beachy music by artists you're even better off.

Advertise That Your Seafood Is Local

Assuming that you do obtain your seafood locally, you need to market this fact heavily. Guests love local food, and sourcing seafood locally is especially important since it's good for the environment and helps guarantee a better product. Include the word "local" on any signage. Make sure dishes made with local seafood are marked as such on your menu. You might even want to make some social media posts in which you tell customers about your seafood, its source, and the benefits of buying local seafood. Help them understand why local seafood is important and how it sets your restaurant apart.

Serve Lots of Fresh, Light Dishes

Seafood lends itself to lighter, fresher dishes. So, review your menu and make sure you offer plenty of these. Ceviche, shrimp salads, fish tacos, and fish salads are all good choices. A lot of beach-goers are very health and image-conscious, and these lighter dishes will appeal to their palates.

With the tips above, you should be able to bring more business into your waterfront seafood restaurant. Try making one small change each month, and see how you fare. Over time, you'll get an idea of what's working for you. 

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